Black Lavastone tiles -  Lime Stone Tile

Black Lavastone

Black Lava Stone is a mesmerizing rock born from volcanic eruptions, resulting in a stunning black glassy substance known as obsidian. It has earned the nickname "temple stone" for its prominent use in the construction of the grand Borobudur Temple, the largest temple in the world.

This exquisite stone is perfect for adding an artistic touch to your property's exterior, whether it's adorning walls or outdoor floors. Its distinctive and unique characteristics are derived from its volcanic lava origins, ensuring an unparalleled addition to your space.

Harness the raw power of nature with Black Lava Stone, and witness the enchanting beauty and allure it brings to your surroundings. 

Unleash the Beauty of Indonesia's Black Lava Stone!

Get ready to dive into the magnificent world of Indonesia's Black Lava Stone, offering a range of captivating textures and distinctive characteristics.

Texture: Solid and porous, mate!

Color variants: We've got you covered with shades of grey, dark grey, and deep tones.

Motive: Witness the stunning color gradation that adds a touch of uniqueness.

Applications: Whether it's for your outdoor spaces like facades, fences, pillars, carports, and terraces, or for indoor flooring and swimming pool tiles, this stone does it all!

Finishing options: Take your pick from sawn cut, split face, bushhammered, honed, and etched finishes to suit your style.

Mineral composition: It's all about that silica (55-65%), along with a dash of feldspar and quartz.

Cutting sizes available: From 100x100mm to 300x600mm, we've got the range to meet your needs. Custom sizes? No worries!

Thickness options: Choose between 20 ~ and 30mm to perfectly fit your project. Custom thickness? We've got you sorted!

Experience the versatility and natural beauty of Indonesia's Black Lava Stone, and add a touch of Aussie charm to your next project. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and create something truly extraordinary!