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Bali Stone Wall Cladding

Bali Stone Cladding For Your Property

There are so many materials that can be used as wall cladding

You can use cement for an unfinished look, with a variety of paints, wallpapers, ceramics, tiles, and natural stone.

Bali Stone Cladding is one of the most famous wall cladding materials. These materials create an expensive look and can increase the cost of promoting a home. Then, what are the benefits of applying Bali Stone Cladding? Following are the advantages of Bali Stone Cladding.

There are many types of natural stone fabrics. Considered one of them is Andesite rock, which is superior to the climate. This blessing makes Andesite stone wall cladding free from mold and mildew. It makes the homeowner's job easier because it is easy to clean and there is no need to use a special coating to prevent mold and mildew.

Bali Stone Cladding - Lime Stone Tile

Various Type of Bali Wall Cladding

If you want to give a natural and sparkling effect to your private house indoors, you can try Bali Stone Wall Cladding through Lime Stone Tile Team which has many types of water-resistant wall cladding. The scale of natural stone with various types is also flexible to suit the desired layout.

Bali Stone Cladding has a different shape, even though it is in the same class. That's one of the advantages because the exclusive shade creates a natural impression of the building. Natural stone with the type of temple stone is sold in the form of slabs so that the installation process on the wall becomes easier.

In addition, the black color on the temple stone can give a masculine impression to the room. Bali Stone Cladding wall coverings have many benefits. The temple stone also has a strong texture, so it is also used as a building material.

There are many forms of Bali Stone Cladding, so that the weaknesses of each type are also possible. This type of temple stone is not always suitable for areas that are often exposed to water, such as bathrooms and outdoors. This is because the material quickly absorbs moisture. If it rains too often, the moss will grow.

Andesite stone is also a type of natural stone with a weight above the average, requiring extra electricity for installation. If you are good at arranging and installing Bali Stone Wall Cladding according to its blessings, then renovation will be much easier than ordinary walls.

If you are confused about how to combine it, Lime Stone Tile Team can help you install wall cladding to make it look aesthetic. For example, Sand Stone can be installed as a house facade with an additional terrace so it is not easily confused with moss. The use of andesite stone as a garage floor is also suitable because this stone is known for its strength. It takes a special craftsman who is skilled in the installation of this natural stone. In addition to neat patterns, it takes a sense of art to combine herbal stones whose coloring always varies even though they come from the same type of stone. Find out more about Bali Stone Wall Cladding by contacting our team from Lime Stone Tile Team to find out more about our products, you can contact us via WhatsApp https://wa.Me/62811201235 (Iga) or email at

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